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Air Therapy:

Air has been placed after space. For safeguarding life, nature has provided air in abundance. We should always create the most use of pure vitalizing air and spare ourselves from pollution. To stay healthy and disease-free, we should always adopt the following practices i.e.  Early Morning walk, Pranayama, Air bath, and Swar yoga.

1. Early morning walk:

It is useful to take a walk in the morning. Try to go to open areas like gardens, waterfalls, hills. Those do not breathe fresh air get into the clutches if serious diseases.

2. Pranayama:

Pran (breath) management is pranayama. If the Pran is in one’s management then the longevity of life, robust resolve, peace, and happiness may be achieved. Within the exalted state of pranayama, the inherent power of Kundalini gets woke up.

 Padmasana is the only best asana but Swastikasana can also be adopted for doing Pranayama.

It has three parts

  1. Rechak – Exhaling
  2. Poorak – Inhaling
  3. Kumbhak – Retaining the breath

Regulation for pranayama:

  1. The place for pranayama should be clean, airy, peaceful, and pure.
  2. Pranayama should be performed in padmasana, siddhasana or vajrasana, etc.
  3. The spinal cord, neck, waist, and chest should be straight.
  4. Morning and evening are the right times for pranayama.
  5. Pranayama should be done on empty stomach or at least four hours after the meal.
  6. If one is too hungry then pranayama should not be performed.
  7. While suffering from high fever or disease or in the case of pregnant women speedy pranayama should not do.
  8. While practicing pranayama the food consumed should be nutritious and digestive.
  9. The Stomach should be kept light and without faeces i.e. clean.
  10. After practicing pranayama one should take rest.
  11. Celibacy is to be practiced with special attention.
  12. Best time for pranayama is 4:30AM, 12:30PM, 4:00PM to 6:00PM and 12:00AM to 2:00AM.

Before doing main pranayama, perform – Kapalbhati Pranayama and Nadi Shodhan or (Anulom –  Vilom)

3. Air bath:

Exposing the body to air is called an air bath. It is necessary for keeping the skin pores open and activated. If the body is kept covered with cloths all the time it develops diseases. During the summer, wear thin cloths or less cloth in the open air in the morning and have an air bath at night by sleeping outside exposed to open air. While sleeping in the rooms in rainy season or extreme cold have a window open. If sleeping in the verandah that serves the purpose of an air bath. Never cover the face while sleeping at night, but leaves the window open.

4. Swar yoga in Naturopathy:

In yoga, breathing is called swar. They are of three types.

1. Chandra swar (Lunar Breath)

When the breathing is predominant in the left nostril, it is called known as Chandra swar. This provides coolness to the body. Intake of more liquid and less hard work should be done in this breathing. In the day time sleep (if required) in Chandra swar.

2. Surya swar (Solar Breath)

When the breathing is predominant in the right nostril, it is called known as Surya swar. This provides heat. At the time of Eating and hard work, breathing should be predominant in the right nostril that is Suray swar. At night sleep in Surya swar.

3. Sushumna swar

When breathing both nostrils experience breathing every other second alternatively. It is a Sushumna swar. While breathing this way practice of yoga and religious activities should be undertaken.

The body changes the breath in accordance with the requirement. According to the requirement, swar can be changed.

Ways of changing swar:

  1. The nostril which feels predominant breath can be closed by pressing, the other swar will automatically start.
  2. Lie on the side which is active, the other side nostril will automatically experience the flow of breath.
  3. To make a particular swar active the other nostril could be closed by stuffing cotton.
  4. By running, putting in labour, and doing pranayama swar is changed. By practicing Nari Shodhan pranayama swar can be controlled in such a way that during winter the body feels less cold and in summer it feels less hot.

Health Benefits of knowledge of Swar

  1. A person who is able to change swar willfully lives longer and remains youthful.
  2. When experience illness if the predominant swar is changed it provides relief in the ailments
  3. While experiencing physical exhaustion Chandra swar can be adopted. Therefore lying on the right side will help.
  4. If there is pain due to nervous disorder changing of swar gives immediate relief.
  5. An asthmatic attack loses its intensity if swar is changed.
  6. A person who breathes from the left nostril during the day and right nostril at night always remain healthy.
  7. At the time of conception it the male breathes through the right nostril and the female breathes through the left nostril, a boy is conceived.

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