What is naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a natural, easy, and ubiquitous way to detoxify the body and enhancing pranic force in the body. It cures all lifestyle disorders and chronic diseases from the root. Naturopathy employs five basic components of nature i.e. Earth, Fire, Water, Sun, and Air to eradicate the disease from the human body.

Naturopathy works in the following ways –
  •  It makes the patient get eliminate his ailment quickly.
  •  It educates people to adopt a natural way of life to remain healthy in the future
  • The best advantage of naturopathy treatment system is no medicine hence no side effects.
  •  It treats the patient as an entire body i.e. from head to toe with the same line of treatments and not merely the symptoms.
  • Naturopathy offers many options for natural remedies that can be alternative to traditional medicines.
  •  Hippocrates rightly said ‘let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.
  • The nutritional value of fresh whole organic food, minimally processed and procured in season can enhance health.
  •  Promotion of wellness is a key to naturopathy and the individual will receive a unique wellness plan that employs nontoxic and natural therapies.

In Naturopathy, all types of diseases such as constipation, the gastric problem, ulcer, asthma, cough and cold, sinus, liver disorder, diabetes, blood pressure, cardiac problems, joints pain, migraine, sciatica, prostate, cancer, kidney disorder and all women’s problems can be cured in naturopathy treatment system very effectively and easily.


Naturopathy treatment system believes that the main cause of diseases is the accumulation of toxins in the human body. It works in two ways – first –  removal of toxins, secondly – the addition of the nutrition helps individuals to stay healthy forever.


  • Fear, anxiety, anger, and stress
  • Imbalance of cooked and raw food
  • Smoking and pollution
  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Lack of exercise
  • Consumption of a lot of meat, dairy products, fast and processed foods, salt, sugar, and
    intoxicating drinks etc.
  • Imbalance of alkali and acidic food in our diet.
  • Spicy, heavy, and fiberless food.
  • Eating food late in the night and overeating.