Balance Diet | Health Benefits of Balance Diet in Naturopathy

Energy Giving Food, Body Building Foods and Protective Food

Balance Nutrition Diet :

The Science of food , the nutrients and other substances therein; their action, interaction and balance in relationship to maintain good health and no diseases. The process by which the organism ingests, digests, absorb, transports and utilizes nutrient and dispose of their end products.

A balance diet can be defined as one which contains different type of foods in such a quantities and proportions that the need for calories, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients is adequately met and a small provision is made for extra nutrients to withstand short durations of leanness.

A balance diet should contains-

  1. different types of food items.
  2. meet the need of nutrients.
  3. provides adequate amount of nutrients for period of leanness.B

By considering all these points and functionality, diet should contains three types of food items i.e. Energy Giving Food Items, Body Building Food Items, Protective and Preventive Food Items.

Energy Giving Foods:

Energy giving foods are cereals, grains, roots and tubers, fats, sugars etc. which provides energy to the body to work regularly.

Body Building Foods:

Body building foods provide the protein which is used to build new cells and enzymes. Proteins are used to repair cells. Proteins are useful to growth and development. Sources of proteins are pulses, milk, dry fruits, eggs, non veg etc.  

Protective and Preventive Foods:

Protective and Preventive foods provide vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, which is very helpful to protects us from the viruses, bacteria, fungus, etc. It is required in very small amount but very necessary to survive. 

Health Benefits of Balance Diet in Naturopathy:

  1. It provides good health which leads to your life span.
  2. It keeps your skin, muscles, eyes, bones and teeth strong.
  3. It provides energy to work effectively.
  4. It boosts immunity which will help to fight oxidation process within the body and prevents from viruses, bacteria, infections, etc.
  5. It reduces possibility of lifestyle and chronic diseases.
  6. It increases the vital force, glow on face and eyes, memory power etc.

Note: Yuvaan Nature Foundation provides the knowledge about the Balance Nutrition Diet to the people so that people can take health benefits in their life. Energy giving food, body building food and Protecting & Preventing food have very important role to maintain good optimal health. Yuvaan Naturopathy & Ayurved Center is assist to people in this regard.


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