Magnet Therapy | Health Benefits of Magnet Therapy

Magnet Therapy:

Magnet therapy is extremely easy, effective, cheap, and scientific. It has no side effects. During the medical aid, the magnet is applied on the foot sole, palms, and on the diseased/effective part as per ailments.

Apart from other reasons a disease is also the result of an imbalance of magnetic force in the body. This balance can be restored with artificial magnets and good health can be regained.

Due to the modern lifestyle human being is getting less magnetic power of the earth. The main factors responsible for unbalancing the magnetic power in the body are faulty diet, sedentary and undisciplined life, addiction, mental stress, and indiscriminate use of medicines.

What is Magnet?

A magnet is a special metal which has the power to attract ordinary pieces of iron. Every magnet has two poles. One side is called the North Pole and the other side is called the South Pole. Different pole of a magnet attract each other and the same pole of a magnet repel each other.

According to earth scientist, a magnetic pole that remains towards the north is called the north pole and the magnetic pole which remains towards the south is called a south pole.

The specialty of Magnetic Force:

Specialty of a magnet is that it has the capacity to show its effect despite any hurdle. Magnetic force can pass through cloths, glass, wood, plastic, rubber, aluminum, brass, gold, silver, and other metal except for iron. With iron and its apparatus magnet has a special attraction. In the presence of iron and its apparatus flow of magnet, power is reduced in other substances.

The effect of magnet force remains constant and continued till the time anything remains in the magnetic field.

Magnet Power:

Magnetic force is measured in terms of GAUSS.  The instruments to measure the magnetic force is called GAUSS METER or magnetometer.  A magnet attracts the magnetic metals according to its power. Usually, the power of a magnet is estimated by how much weight of iron it can lift.

Principle of Magnet Therapy:

As per scientist fundamental base of the universe is a magnetic force and all planet, satellite, stars have the power to connect with each other through their magnetic force be it Earth or sun, moon or other planets or stars each are influenced by magnetic force. These have also a deep effect on our lives. Earth is itself a powerful magnet. Every living body has a magnetic force. We are healthy as long as the earth magnet has balance and controls the magnetic force in our body.

These days, we are living in an atmosphere of imbalance magnetic force. We are using things made of iron such as steel utensils, transport resources, machinery equipment, furniture, R.C.C, in the building, etc. The magnetic power of earth which was for human beings is consumed by these iron made things. For which magnet effect of the earth on our body is going to reduce. This reduced magnetic force in the body is also the main cause of many diseases. If we remove this imbalance by giving magnetic force from other sources, then the disease can be cured. This is the principle of magnet therapy

Healing Properties of Magnet in Naturopathy:

In the body, there is some iron in the blood in the form of haemoglobin and in muscles in the form of myoglobin. With the magnetic force blood circulation becomes fast. Due to fast blood circulation accumulated toxins in the blood vessels are removed and blood pressure becomes normal and reduces the heart problem.

Diseased parts get quick oxygen and nutrients to become healthy. Inactive cells get active, dead cells dissolved, excretes from excretory organs, and formation of new cells begins. Hence aging factors also get reduced. Fractured bones join quickly.

The magnetic wave of the North pole has a cold effect and south pole has a hot effect. So, the North pole restricts the growth of microbes and bacteria. It is used for removes pus of boil, pimples, and heals the wounds. South pole due to the hot effect removes pain and inflammation.

Method of Magnet Therapy:

When the disease is limited to a small part then a single pole is applied on the diseased part. During magnetic treatment, if the South Pole is resolved to clockwise and the North Pole is resolved anti-clockwise then treatment will be more effective.

When the disease is spread on a large part or full body then both poles are used as detailed below.

  1. For ailments above the navel part of the body, magnets are used below both palms. For ailments below the navel part of the body, magnets are used below the foot sole.
  2. When the magnet is used for right and left then the north pole should be applied on the right side and the south pole should be applied on left side
  3. In the case of the upper and lower part, then the North Pole should be applied on the upper part and the South Pole should be applied on the lower part.
  4. In the case of front and back the north pole should be applied on the front side and the south pole should be applied on the backside.

During magnet therapy, the front portion of the body should be towards the west. If magnet therapy is taken in lying position then the head should be towards the east.

Types of Magnets:

According to power, magnets are divided into 4 types

  1. President Magnet
  2. High Magnet
  3. Premier Magnet
  4. Seramic Magnet

Health Benefits of Magnet Therapy

Magnetic therapy gives quick relief in various pains and inflammation. In case of asthma, cold, cough, insomnia, obesity, pimples, tonsillitis, sinusitis, impotency, arthritis, piles, parkinsons, polio, paralysis, falling and graying of hairs and menstrual problem, etc. Magnet therapy gives tremendous results.  If detoxification therapies of naturopathy are given along with magnet therapy then results are achieved very fast. For more details, you can consult with Naturopathy Doctor at Yuvaan Naturopathy & Ayurved Center in Indirapuram Ghaziabad, India.

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