Chromo Therapy (Surya Chikitsa) | Health Benefits of Chromo Therapy

Chromo Therapy & Health Benefits of Chromo Therapy:

Chromo Therapy is also called Surya Chikitsa/Sunbath. In this therapy, Energy  received from the sun replenishes micro food, increases vital force and makes one free from diseases. It removes nervous weakness and strengthens the muscles. It balances the number of mineral element that is calcium and phosphorous to stay the bones sturdy. It keeps the skin healthy, strengthens organic process and discharge activities. Sunshine helps in mental and physical development and provides a lift to beauty. Houses that don’t seem to be exposed to sunshine have germs carrying diseases breeding in them resulting in many diseases.

Ways of utilising sun rays (Sunshine)

  1. Looking at the rising sun
  2. Sunbath
  3. Colour therapy

Looking at rising sun:

  1. By looking at the ruddy glow of the rising sun, eye diseases are cured. By seeing the reflection of the sun in a river or pond, eyesight improves.
  2. While making oblations to the sun early in the morning the sun is seen through the pouring water, it helps in curing physical and mental ailments.

Sun Bath:

Take sun rays on your bare body with a cloth covering the head and seated on a chair or lying in the sunshine, not with too many clothes on the body.

If women do not have the convenience of sunbath they could wear very thin cloths and sit or lie in the sun to avail the benefits. While sunbathing the head should be in shade or covered with a wet towel or under green leaves. The timings of this sunbath should be between 8 to 9 O’clock after sunrise.

Fifteen to thirty minutes of sunbath is sufficient. Thereafter rub the body with a towel and take a bath with fresh water.

Health Benefits of Sunbath in Naturopathy:

  1. Sunbath is very effective in weak bones and teeth problems.
  2. It improves digestion and body metabolic rate is also increased by sunbath.
  3. A person gets relief in those diseases that are connected with intelligence and muscles.
  4. Sunbath requires for an individual 40 minutes per day and 40 days in a year.
  5. Sunbath is very useful to generate vitamin D and vitamin D plays a vital role in healthy living.
  6. A person should take weekly scientific massage in sunlight for good health.
  7. Massage should be directed towards the heart. But for heart patients, it should be reversed.

Colour Therapy:

Apparently sun rays are white, but actually they are a combination of the seven colours. Every colour has significant health benefits related to different types of body organs and systems. If any part of the body gets deficiency or excess of any colour then there is an affliction of diseases accordingly.  All colours have healing properties and medicinal properties which are absorbed in water, oil, honey, ghee, etc. for reaping desired benefits. Available colours in sunlight are

  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Violet
  6. Indigo – Deep Blue
  7. Sky blue

Preparation of Water, Oil, Honey and Ghee:

To prepare different colour water, oil, honey and ghee, they have to keep in glass bottles of the desired colour. ¾ portions filled, bolted with cotton and a cork put thereon. It should be placed in sunshine from morning till evening on a piece of wood. While the process of preparation is on, these bottles have to be shaken every day and the cotton should be replaced regularly. The outer surface of the glass bottle should be clean every day. If any bottle with a particular colour is not available then on a white ordinary glass bottle a transparent paper of the desired colour can be covered.

Water can be used for three days, honey for six months, ghee and oil can be used for a year.

Oil is only for external use. Ghee is used on the spine and eyes. Honey is specially prepared for using during journeys as water cannot be prepared then.

The Effect and utility of different colours

Health Benefits of Red colour:

This colour is hotter. It is good for Mooladhar Chakra (Root Chakra) and very effective for the reproductive system and increases physical vigour. It maintains the earth element.

It is useful cough and cold or to rejuvenate a dead portion. It is only for external use. Application of this oil on genital removes impotency. Massage on aching joints is a remedy for arthritis. Its application can perforate a steaming boil. It is effective in aches of the lower back and neck.

During winter it is applied on cracked heels. It is massaged on the chest in case of chronic cough, asthma, and pneumonia.

The paucity of red colour causes laziness, excessive sleep, loss of appetite and constipation. In excess, it causes heat in the body, sleeplessness and loose motions.

Health Benefits of Orange colour:

This is slightly less hot than red. It boosts up the nerves and blood.  It is a great remedy for asthma.  It is also useful in joint ache also. It is good for Swadhishthan Chakra (Sacral Chakra) and very effective in improvements of the digestion system. It maintains the water element.

Health Benefits of Yellow colour:

This is less hot then orange. It showers enthusiasm and happiness. It is good for Manipurak Chakra (Solar Plexus Chakra) and very effective to strengthen pancreas, spleen, brain, and liver functions. It facilitates full excretion of stool and urine.  It maintains a fire element.

Yellow ghee is good for eyesight. Also helps in a burning sensation in the eyes and redness.

It should not be used in palpitation, stiffness and nervous disorder.

Health Benefits of Green Colour:

This is neither hot nor cold but has a medium effect. It detoxifies the body hence it is useful in every disease.  It is good for Anahat Chakra (Heart Chakra) and has a lot of heath benefit related to cardiovascular diseases and maintains the air element.

In the case of spontaneous ejaculation, massage of green oil is very effective on the lower part of the spinal cord. It also helps all kind of fever, oozing boils, wounds, fissures, fistula, and skin diseases.

It has a magical effect on the thyroid, measles, eye ailments, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, cough, cold, piles etc. It is beneficial in cancer also.

Green oil applied on the head of a cataract patient provides relief and also strengthen the mind.

Health Benefits of Violet Colour:

 It is good for Vishudha chakra (Throat Chakra) and has a lot of health benefit related to throat. It maintains the sky element in our body. It has a cooling effect. It helps in sound sleep. It is very effective when the lungs are damaged acutely. This increases red blood cells and cures anaemia.

Health Benefits of Indigo-Deep blue Colour:

 It is good for Aghya chakra (Third Eye Chakra) and has a lot of health benefit related to brain power and memory.

It is less cool than sky blue and cooler than violet. It is anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and strengthens the nervous system. It is an antiseptic. It is useful in complications of the vagina, rectum, swelling of testes and leucorrhoea.  In diseases of throat gargling with blue water is effective.

The paucity of blue colour increases anger.

Health Benefits of Sky Blue Colour:

This is very cool. Pains caused by burns and heat get relief.  This also has antiseptic properties. It is tonic for nerves. It stops all types of bleeding. It is effective in excessive menstrual bleeding, cholera, heatstroke. Ailments of the head and hair are cured.

 It is good for Braham Randhra (crown chakra).

It should not be used in arthritis, gastric trouble, paralysis and acute constipation.

Health Benefits of Sky blue oil:

  1. Strengthens the heart when messaged on the chest.
  2. When massaged on the head it cures headache caused by heat. Removes suspicion, blackens, softens and lengthen hair.
  3. If massaged on the lower abdomen it regulates menstrual bleeding and cures hysteria.

Health Benefits of Sky blue ghee:

  1. Gives relief by application on an ulcer in the mouth.
  2. Strengthens nerves constantly if the spinal cord is massaged with it.

Deficiency of sky blue causes anger, irritability, body heat, loose motions, excessive laziness, constipation, weak digestion and excessive sleep.

Coloured fruits and vegetables:

By using coloured fruits and vegetable benefits of different colours can be taken.

Note: Basic colours are only three

1. Red                                   2. Yellow                              3. Blue

Remaining colours are formed by the combination of these colours.


Orange (Red + Yellow)                  Green (Yellow + Blue),

Violet (Blue + Red)                          Sky Blue (Blue + White)

White Colour – It contains all the colours. It is useful for bone strength.

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