The word Ayurveda is a conjugation of 2 Sanskritic language words ‘ayur’ it means ‘life’ and ‘veda’ it means ‘science’, thus ayurveda virtually suggests that the ‘science of life’. In distinction to various medicinal systems, ayurveda focuses a lot of on healthy living than treatment of diseases. Ayurveda has been developed nearly 3000 years past. it’s one amongst the world’s oldest holistic healing systems.

It’s supported the thought that health and wellness depend upon a fragile balance between the mind, body, and soul. Its main goal is to push physiological condition, not fight malady. but Ayurvedic treatments is additionally geared toward specific health problems.

Some of the techniques which is used in the Ayurvedic Treatment to accelerate the recovery along with the natural herbs and alternative medicines. Those techniques are

Panchkarma Therapy

Cupping Therapy

Leech Therapy

Marma Therapy