Yogic Exercises | Health Benefits of Yogic Exercises

Yogic Exercises in Naturopathy:

Before beginning to do asana a number of the subsequent yogic exercises should be performed. Their practice will look out of physical and mental disorders, refresh the body, and make it feel light. A number of the yogic exercises are increasing eyesight, mental performance, hearing capability, cheeks, and chest power promoting, strengthening the neck and shoulders.

Yogic exercises for improving mind power – These are of two types

  1. Stand and appearance straight, inhale deeply and exhale with an equivalent force. It’s important to exhale as forcefully because the inhalation, then only this act will have favourable effects.
  2. Bend the neck backward and look upward towards the sky together with your eye open. Then similarly inhale and exhale forcefully with equal force.

Health Benefits:

This extracts accumulated of mucus from the head. Breathing through the nose becomes easy. Lungs get pure oxygen in them. People who have cough accumulated in their lungs or suffer from breathing problems must practice it regularly. It’s very effective for asthma patients. Its practice increases memory power and eyesight. It’s very helpful in mental diseases. It also helps heart patients and people affected by high blood pressure.

Yogic exercises for improving the eyesight

Keep the feet together and keeping straight the body portion from feet to shoulders, tilt the neck backward side completely and remain standing. Keep watching the sky with both eyes. When the eyes feel tired, close them before tears begin. Open the eyes and resume the practice. Do that for five minutes.

Health Benefits:

Practice of this exercise removes all the defects of eyes and eyesight improves. By practicing this exercise regularly for a minimum of 40 days, Spectacles get removed and natural eyesight is obtained.

 Cheeks power promoting exercises

Put your feet together shaping the body straight, join the front portion of the eight fingers of both the hands and shut both nostrils with the thumbs of both hands. Make your face into the form of a crow’s beak. Keeps the eyes open, inhale from the mouth creating the sound of sur sur forcefully. Then inflate the cheeks and keep the chin on the thymus. As long as a breath is often held, it should be retained with the tongue placed normally. Looking forward to opening the nostrils and exhale through your nose.

Health Benefits – This makes the cheeks pink. The necessity for artificial cosmetics is eliminated. It gives a glow to the face and makes it attractive. The matter of bad breath is additionally overcome. Pimples, boils don’t occur. Hollow and wrinkled cheeks refill, pyorrhea and other diseases of the mouth are cured.

Yogic exercises for improving the hearing

Join both the feet, keeping the body straight, keep the mouth closed then close both the ears with both thumbs. Close both eyes with the index fingers. Close both nostrils with the middle fingers. Close mouth with both ring and tiny fingers. Now make the mouth sort of a crow’s beak, suck the outside air, inflate the cheeks and perform Jalandhar bandh. Maintain kumbhak as per capacity, then bring the neck normal position, remove both hands, open both eyes and slowly remove the within air through the nose. Do practice five times minimum.

Health Benefits:

Practice of this exercise removes ear-related diseases. Hearing power improves and undeveloped hearing starts developing.

Yogic exercises for strengthening the neck

This can be done in 3 ways

  1. Stand and look straight, then move the neck with a small jerk to the right and look behind the right shoulder. Then move the neck with a small jerk to the left and look behind the left shoulder. While performing this act keep the shoulders straight and no any kind of movement. Repeat this process 15 – 20 times on each side equally.
  2. Stand and look straight, then move the neck with the head hanging behind, then bend it forward resting the chin on the front thymus. Repeat this process 15 – 20 times on each side equally. people who suffer from neck or back pain shouldn’t bend the neck forward while practicing it.
  3. Stand straight, rest the chin on the front thymus, move the neck from right to left and left to right in a circular motion. While doing this act the shoulders needn’t be pushed upwards. this could not do who is affected by neck pain. This could be performed 15 – 20 times equally on each side .

Health Benefits: This makes the neck shapely and thin. People who have excessive fat on their neck should practice it. Its practice eliminates diseases connected with the neck. People who suffer from pain within the neck should learn it properly then make out.

Yogic exercises for strengthening the shoulders – this could be done in two ways

  1. Stand straight and take the right hand above straight in such a way that the arm is sticking to the ear. Then bring it down. Repeat this motion of right hand 10-15 times. Same way, do that practice with the left. Thereafter practice with both the hands moving simultaneously. Remember while being lifted palm of both hands must be outwards. Begin this exercise with 10-15 times then increase its duration.

Benefits: Excessive fat on the shoulders is reduced, the muscles there get massaged. Shoulders become strong. Those people whose shoulders become erect must practice it gradually. The regular practice of this exercise makes the shoulders and hands beautiful.

  • Stand straight then put the left-hand thumb on the palm and make it into the fist. Thereafter move the hand in a circular motion from the shoulder first beginning within the front then a similar way backward. Then repeat this with the right hand and thereafter both the hands simultaneously. Remember while doing it only the arms should move and therefore the rest of the body remain erect. This exercise should be done 10 to fifteen times within the beginning. Then its practice should be increased in accordance with the body’s capacity.

Benefits: The practice of this exercise removes stiffness of shoulders. Muscles are massaged. Shoulders become shapely and delightful.

Chest power promoting exercises

Keep both feet together, body straight from feet to head, open the fist and keep the fingers together. Bring both hands from the front side toward the rear by inhaling and bring the chest back. Remain in this position for a few times and exhaling come within the original position. Repeat it five times.

Health Benefits:

This exercise removes all lungs problem, chest become broad. The breast becomes sturdy and firm. The heart becomes strong. Tuberculosis, asthma, cough, and other Kapha defects are removed. People who have a weak heart or heart ailments should practice this for five minutes daily after passing faeces and taking bath.

Yogic exercises for improving the mooladhar chakra and swadhisthan chakra power

Stand straight by keeping both feet and thighs together. Keeping hips strongly together, pull the anus upwards by internal force and keep it for five minutes.

Now repeat a similar by keeping about 8cm distance between both the feet. Then repeat a similar process about 50cm distance between both feet.

Health Benefits:

It’s useful is all diseases of the anus and genitals. Piles, fistula, bleeding piles are cured very quickly. Problems related to sperm count, leucorrhoea, other sexual problems, uterus problems are removed. Erection power is increased. This exercise also helps in maintaining celibacy.

Yogic exercises for awakening the kundalini power

Keep the space of 8-10cm between both the feet, body straight from feet to head. Hit or stroke the hips by both the heels one by one. On returning, feet should come on the bottom within the original state. Repeat this 25 times.

Health Benefits: Kundalini power gets awakened.

Engine running (gallop/assault)

Stands straight from foot to head by keeping both feet together. Fold the hands from the elbow and make your hands into a fist with the thumb beneath the four fingers. Now move the hands alternatively towards front and back like an engine shaft and then hit the hips by feet alternately. Keep in mind that the same side hand and knee are going to be bending and therefore the feet are going to be on the bottom of the same side whose hand toward the front. Do that by jumping on the ground. Inhale and exhale by making a sound like an engine. Elbow shouldn’t go behind the body and therefore the heel must touch the hips. By increasing gradually make out fifty times.

Health Benefits –

The body becomes beautiful, healthy, strong, and fit. Lungs become stronger. No tiredness is felt even after having done tons of labour. Surprisingly power flows within the body. The chest becomes broad. Thigh and calves become strong and firm. Obesity also can be overcome with the assistance of this exercise. The face starts to glow. This exercise if finished 5 minutes has an equivalent benefits as are often derived from jogging for about 5 kms. This exercise is extremely useful for military, police persons, and sprinters.

Note: Yogic Exercises pay major role in Naturopathy Treatment System to eradicate diseases from the body.

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