Hast Mudra Science | Hand Posture in Naturopathy

Hast Mudra or Hand Posture in Naturopathy:

Hasta Mudra, or Hand Postures in Naturopathy, involve specific finger placements that contribute to holistic well-being and disease management. Each finger symbolizes one of the five elements in the body—fire, air, space, earth, and water. Explore mudras like Gyan, Vayu, Surya, Ling, Prithvi, Pran, Apan, Shunya, Hridaya, Varun, Anjali, Vishnu, and Shakti, each offering unique health benefits from improving memory and digestion to alleviating heart issues and promoting mental peace. Embrace these hand postures as natural remedies for a healthier, balanced life.

Touching fingers in different ways together is known as hand postures or Hast Mudra Science. These are very helpful in keeping one healthy and to cure many diseases.

Our five fingers in the hand stand for five elements in our body in the following way

  1. Thumb stands for the Fire element
  2. The index finger represents the Air element
  3. The middle finger stands for the Akasha or space element or
  4. Ring finger stands for the Earth element
  5. Small fingers stand for the Water element

By hand positions, balance can be maintained in the five physical elements and health can be monitored and lost health can also be restored.

Gyan Mudra (Knowledge Posture) –Touches the top of the thumb and index fingers, it makes this posture Gyan mudra. 

Health Benefits of Gyan Mudra:

It improves memory power and brain performance. It reduces mental diseases, sleeplessness, and irritability, etc. Gyan mudra is helpful to invoked memory power. It is a boon for students and philosophers. It is extremely efficacious in mental diseases.

Vayu Mudra (Air Posture) – Keep the index finger on the root of the thumb and press it with the thumb to make this mudra.

Health Benefits of Vayu Mudra: This mudra cures all types of ailments caused by air imbalance, gout, tremble, paralysis, creeping pain, gastric pain, etc.

Surya Mudra (Sun Posture) – Place the ring finger at the root of the thumb and press it with the thumb.

Health Benefits of Surya Mudra: It cures indigestion and obesity. The ring finger and thumb both have an electric flow.

Ling Mudra (Stud Posture) – Intertwine the fingers of both the hand with the thumb of the left hand sticking outside.

Health Benefits of Ling Mudra: It cures catarrah, cold, and other diseases caused by cold.

Prithvi Mudra (Earth Posture) – Unite the upper portion of ring fingers and thumb.

Health Benefits of Prithvi Mudra: For a lean and thin person, it is beneficial and brings a glow on the face. Regressive thoughts also get changed. This provides stability.

Pran Mudra (Soul Posture) – The top portion of the small finger and ring finger should touch the top of the thumb.

Health Benefits of Pran Mudra: It improves blood circulation and removes any blockage in the blood vessels. This mudra is also bringing in a lot of vigour and enthusiasm.

Apan Mudra (Ether Posture) – Touch the middle and ring finger together to the thumb.

Health Benefits of Apan Mudra: It reduces gas formation in the stomach and cures pain or any complications occurring due to it.

Shunya Mudra (Vacuity Posture) – Fold the middle finger and press it with the thumb.

Health Benefits of Shunya Mudra: It gives relief in case of any ailment of the ear. By practicing it regularly diseases of the ear can be cured. If the person is deaf and dumb since birth then it is of no use.

Hridaya Mudra (Heart Posture) – Put the index finger at the bottom of the thumb and the middle finger along with the ring finger should touch the top of the thumb.

Health Benefits of Hridaya Mudra: This mudra works like an injection in averting a heart attack. Regular practice of Hridaya mudra can remove heart diseases.

Varun Mudra (Sea Posture) – Touch the top of the small finger on the top of the thumb to make Varun Mudra.

Health Benefits of Varun Mudra: This cures diseases caused by the paucity of water element in the body. It cures ailments of the skin and blood.

Anjali Mudra (Meditation Posture) – The left hand is kept the below of the right hand and placed on the lap facing skyward.

Health Benefits of Anjali Mudra: This gives peace to the brain. Mental tension and complications flee away. Its practice generates new energy and inspiration in the body.

Vishnu Mudra: The Index and middle fingers touch the palm at the thumb pad and the other three fingers are extended.

Health Benefits of Vishnu Mudra: It brings balance, peace, and strength. It reduces anxiety and stress. It improves mental concentration and balances the left and right hemisphere of the body,

Shakti Mudra: The tips of the small finger and ring finger of both hands are touching with middle and index fingers folded. Both hand thumbs are also folded towards the palm.

Health Benefits of Shakti Mudra: It is useful in Insomnia and other sleeping disorders. It is also helpful in respiratory impulses. It provides a relaxing effect on the body and increases the immune system. It helps to increase physical and mental energy.

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