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Acupressure Therapy in Naturopathy:

Acupressure is a treatment for pain and illness in which physical pressure is applied on various pressure points which are present mainly in palms, tips of the hands, and sole of the foot. Acupressure brings quick relief in Naturopathy Treatment but it cannot remove the toxicity of the patient that is causes of all the diseases. For that improvement in food and other Naturopathy Detoxification therapies are necessary along with Naturopathy Diet and Yoga.

Acupressure is an ancient form of massage that is one of the treatment methods used in traditional Indian Naturopathy treatment system. The goal of acupressure is to encourage the movement of energy in our body through the channels inside the human body. These are similar energy meridians and pressure points as those targeted with acupuncture. Due to energy flow blockage, the body may be no longer maintain the balance that is needed to maintain high energy and deal with health issues.

Acupressure consists of pressing the acupuncture points in an attempt to help the free flow of energy in the human body. Acupressure is similar to acupuncture, but the person uses their fingers and thumbs instead of needles to puncture the point. During treatment or self-treatment, a person will be experienced a slight pain when the proper acupuncture point is pressed.

Diagnosis of Diseases through Acupressure:

For the diagnosis of any diseases, the various pressure points which are present in the palms and soles of the body are pressed by the therapist. By pressing a particular point a lot of pain is caused which makes the therapist understand the organ affected. This is a very effective technique to find the ailments of the body.

Naturopathy i.e. Acupressure Treatment of Diseases:

For treatment of the disease-stricken points are pressed for 4 to 5 seconds then a break of 2 seconds is given. This process is repeated for two to three minutes, and three to four times a day. The pressure is put on the thumb and fingers clockwise for better effect.

Precautions in Acupressure Therapy:

  1. Apply as much pressure which the patient can bear.
  2. Heart patients should be gently pressurized.
  3. Acupressure should not be given half an hour before bathing and half an hour after it.
  4. Treatment through acupressure should not be given during menstruation and during pregnancy
  5. Do not give pressure on broken organs.
  6. After taking any medicine wait for two hours before starting the treatment.

Recognition of Acupressure point:

The body has been divided differently.

  1. The body is divided from right to left in two parts; the organs that will fall on the right side will have pressure points in the right palm and sole of the right foot. Those organs that will come on the left will have the pressure point in the left palm and sole of the left foot. Those organs which are present on both sides, their pressure points will be in both the palms and soles.
  2. Keeping the fingers of hands and feet as the base of the body is divided lengthwise into the ten equal parts. Five parts will fall on the right side and five parts on the left side then whatever a part in a particular zone, its connected pressure points will be in the same zone in the hands and the feet.
  3. If the body is divided height-wise, then the first part is head and neck, the second below the neck up to the diaphragm, the third is the abdomen, and below it. Similarly, hands and foot can be divided and the organs in a particular portion will be accordingly placed in the palms and feet soles with its pressure points.

To maintain youthfulness for a longer period and delay the old age: there are pressure points in front of the right hand between the wrist and elbow.

Acupressure through clapping:

Clapping itself is a type of acupressure therapy. By clapping all the reflected points present on the hands get pressed. This practice is helpful in curing so many diseases.

Clapping is an excellent exercise through which dullness is removed, one becomes more active and the blood circulation in the body also improves tremendously.

Method of Clapping:

Keep a distance of 30-40 cm between both hands. Now clap in such a way that the fingers and palms of both hands hit each other continuously. Try to clap at a speed of 60 – 100 claps per minute.

Precautions to take while clapping:

  1. Apply mustard oil on both the hands.
  2. Wear socks and shoes, so that energy produced during clapping does not escape.
  3. Do not wash your hands for up to 10 minutes after clapping
  4. Nails of both hands should be trimmed.
  5. Do not clap under the fan or in a closed or an air-conditioned room.
  6. After clapping immediately go for urination.

Health Benefits of Acupressure Therapy in Naturopathy Treatment:

The benefits of acupressure can be received if a person claps for two minutes every day and rubs the soles with a brush. This will make the body agile. Traditional use of ornaments in Indian culture is also a type of acupressure.

Acupressure can be very effective in helping with nausea and vomiting after surgery or invasive medical procedures. Acupressure can also help in reducing pain.

According to the National Cancer Institute, several small studies have shown that acupressure has helped cancer patients by reducing cancer-related fatigue and nausea. Many patients report acupressure has also helped with pain, stress, and anxiety, etc.

Acupressure should not be used as the only treatment for serious illness or chronic conditions but in addition to treatment, it will help to recover from the diseases. For such types of serious diseases, person should follow the proper Naturopathy Treatment System which have the capacity to get rid of all types of diseases. Before start the treatment, consult with Naturopathy Doctor or Ayurvedic Doctor.

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