Space Therapy | Role of Fasting in Naturopathy

Space Therapy:

The space component is that the base component of the five components. It’s the primary and most helpful components. It’s the minute component. Empty space within the body or empty organs exhibit space components. Observing the sky and sleeping below the open sky generates energy. By fasting, we tend to create the use of space components naturally.

Role of Fasting in Naturopathy:

Fasting may be a part of the most recent manner of life. This is often an efficient means that of maintaining physiological conditions or rejuvenating the best health. That’s why it’s necessary for ailing and non-ailing too. Because it has exceptional importance for good health purposes. Fasting is eradicating the disease from the body and it is also like a life-saving drug. Now a day, western doctors are also supporting the fasting concept and its effect is like medicines worth thousands of rupees.

Health Benefits of Fasting:

Detoxification of the Body:

During fasting, the body is detoxifying itself because our body re-uses unwanted elements and convert into energy. Energy is utilized in extracting elements causing ailments in the body.

Strengthen the organs:

Fasting provides strength to organs. Churning takes place within the body. Nourishing elements get separated and reach to strong tissue of the body. Waste elements and accumulated toxins flow into the excretory organs, to take them out of the body.

Full filling Deficiency:

Deficiency in the body gets fulfilled by fasting because the body doesn’t use energy to digest the food.

Rejuvenate the body:

During fasting, all body organs get rest that increases their efficiency

Cleaning body itself:

Germs breeding in toxins within our body causing diseases to take their nourishment from the food that we consume.  Most of the germs cannot survive without food for a long time. Thus while fasting these germs start perishing. These ways diseases of the abdomen get cured easily. A person who always takes a balanced and uncooked diet need not fast as much as one eats heavily. For those people who consume a lot of fats and protein, fasting is most essential.

Way of fasting in Naturopathy:

During fasting, we should not take any type of food the whole day. We should drink 2 to 3 liters either water or juice of 2 to 3 lemon, multiple times in a day. If anybody cannot do this then take vegetables and fruit juice once in a day. For better and healthier results, Fasting may be done for a day or many days. Ideally, fasting should do weekly for healthy and long life. A longer period of fasting is recommended depending upon the disease and under proper direction.

Never break the fasting by eating solid food. Fresh fruits and vegetable juice are recommended to break the fast. A short duration fast could be broken by eating the fruits.

Requirement while Fasting according to Naturopathy:

  1. Air – while fasting fresh air with maximum oxygen should be inhaled to destroy filth in the body.
  2. Bath and cleanliness – While fasting, the filth settles down on the skin pores, mouth, nose, ears and reproductive organs should be clean. That’s why bathing and cleanliness are necessary.
  3. Clothes – While fasting and otherwise also we should wear clothes light, made of cotton and airy.
  4. Exercise – While fasting, we should do light exercise only as much as our body can bear, like walk, etc.
  5. Enema – While fasting for internal cleaning enema is essential.
  6. Mental Effect – While fasting we should not take any type of worry, tension, fear, anger, and disappointment.
  7. Sunshine – While fasting, the body should be exposed to sunlight in the morning at least 20 minutes.
  8. Silence – While fasting, we should maintain silence is beneficial.
  9. Rest – While fasting, we should take mental and physical rest
  10. Dry Rubbing – While fasting, we should do the rubbing the whole body for effective results.

Note: There are some diseases that prohibit fasting such as diabetes and tuberculosis etc.

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