Ear Ailments | Symptoms of Ear Ailments

Ear Ailments:

There are so many ailments in the ear such as hearing loss, tinnitus, impaired hearing, complete deafness, ear pains, infections, white discharge and swelling etc.

Symptoms of Ear Ailments:

There are so many symptoms of ear ailments such as –

  • pain in the ear, inflammation (i.e. swelling), redness in or around the ear,
  • boil or liquid discharge of foul smell from the ear,
  • Impaired hearing or complete deafness.
  • Tinnitus i.e. Ringing or buzzing noise in one or both ears.

Causes of Ear Ailments:

There are so many causes of ear ailments such as – Accumulation of toxins in the of wax inside the ear, dryness inside the ear, Some food grain goes inside the ear and then puffing up, repeated infection in the tonsils due to low immunity. Some other causes are teeth problems, sound pollution, injury in the ear, scratching the ear, water goes inside the ear, blood infection, and indigestion, etc. These are the main causes which are leading to trouble in the ear.

Naturopathy Treatment for Ear ailments:

Depending upon the patient condition, treatment should be recommended. If an insect goes inside the ear, put few drops of warm mustard oil in the ear. Insect will be died and either flow out with the oil or remove from the ear with help of ear buds, plucker, etc. If the ear is infected or inflamed due to any reasons then warmed mustard oil with a pinch of salt in it, this heated mustard oil should be dropped in the ear. For better result, patient should do the hot fomentations near the ear.

Garlic could also be heated in mustard oil and that oil should be dropped in the ear thrice a day and two drops at a time. For ear ache onion juice strained and warmed, this warm onion juice can be dropped in the ear at a time four drops, three times a day.

If there is a discharge from the ear and ear ache also then use 2 to 4 drop of the Margosa soft leaves juice and mix pure honey in equal quantities. This cures ear discharge, ear ache and deafness.

Drop of Peepal leaves juice or basil leaves juice cures deafness and ache in the ear. Keep cotton in the ear and put mud pack over it or give local steam.

Two drops of cow’s urine or self urine can be put inside the ear. Fast for two to four days then take fruit and raw vegetables diet. Sprouted pulse and cereals such as Sabut Moong pulse, gram, etc. fruits and vegetables should be consumed in sufficient quantities.

Naturopathy Detoxification for Ear Ailments –

Patient can cleanse the intestine and colon by taking enema and he can also do Kunjal and Jalneti to cleanse the ear, nose and throats system (i.e. ENT System). Patient should also take advise from the Naturopathy Doctor because he can give better recommendation based upon the ailments severity. 

Yoga for Ear Ailments –

Patient can do some pranayama such as anulom vilom, bhastrika, bhramari pranayam. Laugh loudly, surya namaskar, simhasana, dhanurasana, shalabhasana, bhujangasana can be also practiced regularly.


Yuvaan Naturopathy & Ayurved Center provides assistance to people to know more about the herbs and their health benefits by adopting the Naturopathy & Ayurvedic Treatment System. To save and prevent your ear from the ailments through out your life then every month put some drops of warm mustard oil in to the ear and routinely clean the ear.


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