Cervical Spondylosis | Symptoms of Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical Spondylosis

In Cervical Spondylosis, upper portion of backbone (i.e. spine) is bended due to this pain happens. The upper region of backbone (i.e. neck region) contains the 7 vertebrae which is also called cervical vertebrae. These seven vertebrae which get shrunk due to lack of calcium or weak muscles. The gap between two vertebrae gets narrowed down one side or toxins get accumulated other side which creates the problem in proper shape of neck. When try to stretch the neck then pain happens. 

Symptoms of Cervical Spondylosis:

Pain in the neck while turn or bend, stiffness in neck, vertigo, headache, restlessness, grip of the hand get weakened or numbness in hand. In turning the neck there is resistance due to either narrowing the bone or stiffness in muscles which occurs pain. It can be detected through X-ray also.

Causes of Cervical Spondylosis:

Not Sleeping on the proper bed, sometimes used bed is too much soft due to foam cushions and pillows. Using more or thick pillows, keeping bent for a long time or keeping the neck raised for a long time due to thick pillow. Sitting in wrong postures, tension & stress, wrong way of lifestyle such as late night sleeping and eating habits, lack of exercise. Using too many medicines like thyroid, blood pressure, diabetes etc., injury and all those causes that are responsible for arthritis.

Naturopathy & Ayurvedic Treatment of Cervical Spondylosis:

First of all remove all the above notes causes. After that depending upon the condition, treatment should be recommended. Initially, person should go on Naturopathy detoxification process along with massage therapy on upper part of the body and Nutritional diet i.e. therapeutic diet like protein, antioxidant, calcium and iron rich diet.

Raw fruits and leafy green vegetables should be eaten in more quantity. Sprouted cereals & pulses should be used in morning breakfast and can also used along with meals which provides roughage in sufficient amount to the digestion system. Dry fruits like raisin, almond, walnut, figs, etc. should use after 12 hours of soak time which improves the digestion system.

Vegetables juice like spinach, fenugreek leaves, green mustard leaves, pineapple, cabbage, cucumber, carrot, beat root, tomato etc. is also very helpful to cure the cervical pain because of rich source of calcium, iron, antioxidant etc. Person should take Chapatti which made of whole grain wheat & ragi flour. Used easy to digest or green vegetables, pulses and food should be  chewed properly along with the salad and sprouted pulse and grains. Sesame (White Til) milk is very good source of calcium which is effective to recover calcium deficiency in bones.

Naturopathy Detoxification in Cervical Spondylosis at least for 7 days –

Used therapy in cervical spondylosis are hot footbath, spinal bath, mudpack on stomach and spine, enema, hot & cold Fomentation on spine, steam bath, massage therapy one upper portion of spine, etc. Before going to take treatment consult with the Naturopathy & Ayurvedic Doctor. He may be change detoxification time and therapy, based upon the patient conditions.

By regular practicing yoga, special exercises, detoxification, massage therapy and proper nutritional diet, this disease can be got rid of completely. Useful asana are Padmasana, Vajrasana, Siddhasana, strengthening the neck by various exercises such as turn forward and backward, turn left and right, rotate neck clockwise and anti clockwise while doing neck exercise, it should be slowly and gently rotation, neck exercise should be perform under supervision of qualified Doctor and yoga instructor and other exercises which also help in the cervical spondylosis are –

  1. Moving the shoulders up and down, forward and back backward, in clockwise and anticlockwise direction.
  2. Intertwine fingers behind the neck and press the neck on intertwined fingers and move the elbows forward and backward.

Note : In Naturopathy & Ayurvedic Treatment System, Yuvaan Naturopathy & Ayurvedic Center is one of the most trusted place to treat Cervical Ailments i.e. Cervical Spondylitis, Cyst in spine, Pain in neck portion, chronic and lifestyle diseases, deficiency disorders etc. Calcium, Protein and antioxidant play a major role to treat bone related ailments. Ailments are being cured from the roots without any side effects. 


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