Massage Therapy | Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy/Scientific Body Massage:

Massage is that the manipulation of the body’s soft tissues. Massage is that the technique of rubbing and kneading the body by using the hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearms, feet, or a tool. The aim of massage is usually for the treatment of body stress or pain. An individual who was professionally trained to convey massages was historically referred to as a massage therapist. Throughout the massage, the massage therapist could also be applying lightweight or a lot of pressure to the muscles and joints of the human body that is useful to reduce pain and release stress. Massage therapy plays a very important role to cure and prevent from lifestyle ailments in Naturopathy treatment system as well as  Ayurvedic treatment system.

Things to recollect before going for a massage

  1. Attending to about to the natural calls, an individual should get the message and it should be done in a lonely, peacefully, ethereal area or open place.
  2. Massage should be done in the morning sunshine for higher results, instead try and sit within the sun for twenty to twenty five minutes before the massage.
  3. One should get the massage done from an individual at that point he/she includes a smiling nature or a cheerful mind frame.
  4. Massage should be done on empty abdomen.
  5. For massage mustard oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, olive oil, or sweet almond oil, etc, will be used however pure mustard oil is a lot of useful.
  6. The person doing massage should be happy and healthy as a result of it’s an impact on the recipient.
  7. At the time of massage, no talking should be done.
  8. Massage shouldn’t run to those who are full of fever, constipation, any kind of skin diseases, jaundice, swelling, etc.
  9. Massage should be done in such the way so that the blood flows towards the heart. However within the case of individuals with high blood pressure, it should be reversed direction.
  10. Whereas giving massage the movement of the hand should be from bottom to top.

How to do massage of legs and hands

Make the person lie down on his back. Apply oil on the sole on one foot and begin massaging. Press the sole of the foot with the thumb. Massage the toes of the foot, press them, flip them clockwise and anti-clockwise and pull them.

Massage completely on the heels altogether directions. For massaging the calf keep the knee upwards. For massaging the thighs, keep the legs straight. Within the same manner massage the opposite leg ranging from the sole of the foot to toe, heel, calf, and thigh. Similarly, massage should do on the hands starting from the palm to the shoulders.

How to do massage of abdomen and chest

For massaging the abdomen, fold the legs. Press the abdomen round the navel during a circular motion. Apply oil on the chest. Use fingers or thumb to rub and massage between bones. Special care should be taken to massage the breast of a girl. From the bottom of the breast, move the hands during a circular motion and bring up to the tip of the breast. By doing so the shape of the breast becomes correct.

How to do massage of the back

For massaging the back, an individual should change posture on his or her abdomen. Apply oil on the back. Press the backbone with friction and use the thumb to press from the lower back towards the neck. Then press by giving friction on either side of the backbone using the thumb, from downward to upward direction. Join all the fingers and with their tips move them in a circular motion on the spine and produce them towards the neck.

How to do massage of neck and head

For massaging the neck and head, make the person sit. Massage the neck and throat, move the thumb round the eyes. Massage the eyebrows. Press the bones of eyebrows gently with fingers. Press close to the ears and massage. Massage the forehead. Massage the top of the head.

Precautions in Massage

Only applying oil and rubbing isn’t decent. Throughout massage apply pressure on the organs and pat them slowly. The guidelines of fingers should be poked and pressed at the required spots. Make palms into a half fist and hit the portion being massaged.

Most of the treatment points are on the palms or soles. Their massage offers relief and is useful in combating issues like fatness, imbalance of hormones, joint pain, asthma, hernia, etc.

If there’s no time or means for obtaining massaged, then dry rubbing of the body before the bath with a towel for 10 minutes is suggested. Soles should be rubbed nicely while bathing.

 Health Benefits of massage in Naturopathy and Ayurveda(i.e. Panchkarma):

  1. Massaging makes the nervous system robust and provides relief thereto.
  2. Offers new vigor to the system and also invokes energy.
  3. Speed up the blood circulation altogether organs and takes toxins in conjunction with sweat and excretory products.
  4. It strengthens the lungs, kidneys, liver, skin, etc.
  5. Reduces fat within the body.
  6. Exercises the muscles that build them shapely and active.
  7. Removes fatigue and body become robust, vision improves and one gets good sleep.
  8. Boosts body’s resistance power.
  9. Regular massage keeps the aging delay.

Note: Massage Therapy/Abhyangam/Scientific Body Massage play a very significant role in Naturopathy and Ayurvedic treatment System. It removes toxins from the body, build the muscles, improve the blood circulation, makes the Nervous System robust, etc. To know more about it, best place for all types of massages and Panchkarma therapies is Yuvaan Naturopathy & Ayurved Center in Indirapuram Ghaziabad. 

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