Yoga for Pregnant Women | Health Benefits of Yoga during pregnancy

Yoga for Pregnant Women

Based upon the Research, it is found that yoga is very effective to maintain good health such as reduce stress and anxiety, improve digestion system and mental health, build muscles and tone the body. It is also help to improve energy level and build confidence, and reduce depression. Pregnant woman do practice yoga during the pregnancy period which help her to grow baby healthy and less labour pain, most probably chances would be of normal delivery.

Being a physically healthy woman, it increases the chances of natural delivery, healthy baby and healthy mother during the whole pregnancy period and after that also. Pregnant woman should workout half an hour to 45 minutes per day, five to six days per week. If pregnant woman cannot do yoga practice up to 30 minutes in one time then she can do 20 to 25 minutes practice morning and evening time.

Health Benefits of Yoga during Pregnancy:

Some of the Asanas and Mudras which may be helpful during pregnancy such as

  1. Morning and Evening walk: Morning and evening walk is very effective during pregnancy time, which prevents the person from many ailments such as gestational diabetes, digestion problems, bloating, etc.
  2. Bhadrasana (Butter fly Pose): The butter fly pose helps to open the thighs and hips which improves the flexibility of muscles in groin area and inner thighs. It improves digestion, strengthen backbone, pelvic region, hips and buttocks. It reduces pain. This asana should be continuing up to latter trimester of pregnancy. If any problem occurs then consult with the doctor.
  3. Trikonasana: It reduces back pain and stress, improves digestive function during pregnancy and enhances hip flexibility.
  4. Utkasana ( Chair Pose): It is very useful to strengthen the hip, thighs, lower back and buttocks. It build the muscles which help in normal delivery.
  5. Apana Mudra: It may be useful for pregnant female in smooth and easy child birth. Apana mudra is very effective impact on menstruation. Apana mudra removes weakness and reduces abdominal cramps, gas formation in the stomach, cures pain and other complications, etc.
  6. Gyan Mudra (Knowledge Posture): It improves memory power and brain performance. It reduces mental diseases, sleeplessness, and irritability, etc. Gyan mudra is helpful to invoked memory power. It is extremely efficacious in brain performance.

Note: Before starting the yoga and mudras during the pregnancy period, discuss with the Gynecologist.

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