Urine Therapy | Health Benefits of Urine Therapy

Urine Therapy:

Urine medical care is that the application of human urine for medicative or cosmetic purposes, together with drinking one’s own urine and massaging one’s skin, or gums, with one’s own urine. No scientific proof exists to support any helpful health claims of urine medical care even then it’s found that urine can cure all major diseases. It claimed that those unable to eat and drink but use their own excretory product for several weeks get eliminate from all diseases.

The medicative use of urine continues to be practiced in some parts of the globe. Reports qualitative analysis back to ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt recommend that urine medical care has been used to treat everything from skin disorder to cancer. There was a time once doctors tested for diabetes in urine by taste.

There’s no scientific proof to support claims that drinking urine is helpful. On the contrary, analysis suggests that drinking excretion will introduce microorganism, toxins, and different harmful substances into your blood. It will even place undue stress on your kidneys.

Urine consists of fluid and waste product that your body doesn’t would like. Your kidneys work as filters, removing excess water and cellular byproducts from the blood. This waste is distributed right down to the bladder as urine. Water makes up ninety one to ninety six percent of your urine. The remainder is formed from salts, ammonia, and byproducts created throughout traditional body processes.

In 1945, John W. Armstrong, a British healer, printed a well-liked book concerning the alleged curative power of drinking one’s own urine. The book, “The Water of Life: A piece of writing on urine Therapy” claims that urine will cure all major diseases. He claimed that those close to death required to eat and drink nothing however their own urine for many weeks and have excretory product massaged into their skin daily.

Claims are created that drinking urine might treat the subsequent conditions:

  1. Allergies
  2. Acne
  3. Cancer
  4. Heart issues
  5. Infections
  6. Wounds
  7. Stuffy nose
  8. Rash and alternative skin ailments
  9. Stings
  10. Autoimmune disorder
  11. Boosted system
  12. Thyroid        
  13. Chronic muscle pain

In contemporary African nation, some ancient communities still use urine as a home remedy for kids with seizures.

Is It Safe?

While drinking a little bit of your own urine sort of a medication then it’ll not hurt you. Definitely, it is not safe as a glass of water.


Your body is home to several different colonies of healthy microorganism. Your tract contains differing types of microorganism. These are harmless unless they begin growing out of management. Once urine passes through the tract, it becomes contaminated with microorganism. Drinking urine, whether or not you’re victimization you’re own or somebody else’s, introduces microorganism into your system that may cause GI issues or alternative infections. Once you are victimization the urine then our lymphatic system starts to create antibodies. Thus our recovery rate can increase that’s why individuals urine recovered by victimization urine medical care.


Urine contains waste product that are filtered out of your blood. Though they’re known as toxins, these waste product aren’t precisely harmful. They are, however, extremely focused. And your body is attempting to induce eliminate these as a result of if they keep within the body, they are doing damage.

Drinking urine reintroduces focused waste product into your system. This forces the kidneys to filter them out once more, inflicting redundant strain. So, if you’ve got any illness associated with the excretory organ then no need to take urine otherwise urine is incredibly effective to cure the majority kinds of ailments


Any person is using medicine according to prescription then medications are metabolized, they are pee out through your urine. Drinking your own urine might alter the dose of drugs you’re already taking. That’s why an individual should stop all the drugs except BP, diabetes, and heart.

Is it hydrating?

Drinking urine isn’t typically smart for you. However what if you’re stranded on a desert island? Will drinking your own urine prevent from dying of dehydration? If you’re drinking urine a hundred milliliter to a hundred and fifty milliliter approx that may be smart for the health   point of view.

Urine contains concentrated salts and minerals. To process salt, your kidneys need a precise quantity of water. To compensate for raised salt intake, you’d got to pee out a lot of, that time person should drink a minimum of five to six liter of water than your emission system can pee out simply through urine. This might truly accelerate the dehydration method.

Health Benefits of urine Therapy in Naturopathy:

  1. Urine Massage: Related to skin diseases or allergies, urine massage are often used. After five – ten minutes, person can take a shower without soap.
  2. Drinking Urine: Initially, the Person should use solely fifty milliliter of urine. Later on, will increase the amount up to a hundred to a hundred and fifty milliliter urine. We must always not take anything half an hour before and after. If anyone isn’t able to turn out urine then use urine any healthy children or person. At the moment person are able to turn out urine and so he/she will use his own urine.
  3. Fasting on Urine: Anybody is affected by a significant unhealthiness then do the fasting on urine. It should be done once a person has practice of drinking urine.
  4. Urine Enema: Mix Urine with luke warm water (50-50%) is often utilized in enema which can clean the gut that is the main reason for several diseases. After cleaning the gut, it should stopped. Generally, it should be taken 1/2 times weekly.
  5. Drinking urine through Nose: it’s terribly effective when we use five to ten drops of urine through the nose. It cures tridosa i.e. gas, pitta, and cough.
  6. Urine massage on teeth and gums: it cures pyorrhea, infection and bleeding in gums, etc.
  7. Use urine in an Ear: it improves hearing power once use urine within the ear, 2 to 3 drops, and 2 to 3 times daily.
  8. Women problems: it’s terribly effective in leucorrhoea, discharge issues, womb cancer, tumors, etc.
  9. Kid problems: Urine medical care is incredibly effective in respiratory disease, cough, cold, and Kali khansi, etc.

Precautions for use of self urine

  1. The person should drink at least 5-liter water every day.
  2. The person should use 100 to 150 ml of first urine in the morning after passing some urine.
  3. The person should not take anything haft an hour before and after.
  4. All medicine should be stopped except BP, Heart, and diabetes.
  5. In starting, a person can suffer from loose motion, fever, pimples, etc. But no need to stop urine uses. It’s cleaning of the body.
  6. For speedy results in old diseases, need to do fasting on urine.
  7. For better results, a person should do the urine massage at least three days old urine and take bath after 10 minutes without using soap. Water may be cold or hot according to weather conditions.


Drinking of human or animal excrement for medicative functions has been practiced everywhere the globe. Patient’s prescriptions are documented in Europe originate from ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece. Whereas several of the advances of antique medication were forgotten once the fall of the empire, the utilization of excrement and different excrements enjoyed continued quality in medieval times. Ancient Indian Hinduism texts and ancient Chinese documents describe the advantages of drinking one’s own excrement, and it will be assumed that folks in Africa, America, and different parts of the globe have historically used excrement for numerous medical indications for a really very long time, too.

People believe that excrement has medication properties and might treat conditions that arise from inflammation, like skin condition, the study authors say. Others claim excrement medical care will do everything from whiten teeth to shield against infections, and even fight cancer.

Today, excrement medical care advocates, particularly in Asia, the center East, and South America, as proof of its historical use and its effectiveness.


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