Skin Ailments | Symptoms of Skin Ailments

Skin Ailments or Diseases:

Skin ailments are of many types like skin rashes, ringworm, dermatitis, skin dryness, scabies, skin psoriasis, skin peeling, and pigmentation, etc. There causes and treatment are almost similar which is mostly related to digestion system, infection or unhealthy food habits etc..

Yuvaan Nature Foundation (i.e. Yuvaan Naturopathy & Ayurved Center) provides the knowledge about the natural treatment (i.e. also called nature care treatment) based upon the detoxification and nutritional diet therapy to the people so that people can take health benefits in their life by adopting the natural treatment system i.e. Naturopathy & Ayurvedic System. 

Symptoms of Skin Ailments:

Symptoms of Skin ailments are many types like skin rashes, itching, redness, changing the colour of skin, excessive dryness, pimples, dandruff, etc. 

Causes of Skin Diseases:

Main reasons are Liver problem and poor digestive system, chronic constipation, accumulation of toxins due to unhealthy diet or processed fast food diet, working in odd hours, and not maintaining proper hygienic, wearing wet and not skin friendly cloths like synthetic & artificial jewellary, etc. facing too much stress either at work environment or home, living high pollution locality, using too much intoxication and chemical products like soap, shampoo, liquor, cold drinks, etc.

Recommended Naturopathy Treatment for Skin Diseases/Ailments:

Depending upon the condition, treatment should be recommended. Initially, person should go on approximately one week fast by using the lemon water, coconut water, honey water, vegetables juice i.e. spinach, cucumber, carrot, cabbage, white Petha etc.  After that raw fruits and vegetables should be eaten. Sprouted cereals should also used in morning breakfast and can also used along with meals which provides roughage in sufficient amount to the digestion system. Dry fruits like raisin, almond, walnut, figs etc. should used after 12hours soak time which improves the digestion system. Vegetables juice like guava, grapes, papaya, orange, spinach, fenugreek seed, cabbage, cucumber, carrot, beat root, tomato etc. is also very helpful to cure skin ailments. After one month Person should take Chapatti which made of whole grain wheat flour with Sabji, Dal and properly chewed a long with the salad and sprouted pulse and grains.

Naturopathy Detoxification at least for 10 days – Used therapy is hip bath, mudpack, enema, hot & cold Fomentation, steam bath, massage therapy one abdomen, etc. Before going to take treatment consult with the Naturopathy Doctor. He may be change detoxification time and therapy based upon the patient conditions. For Natural treatment, Yuvaan Naturopathy and Ayurved Center is the best place for chronic & lifestyle diseases.

By practicing yogasana, special exercises, detoxification, massage therapy and proper nutritional diet, any types of skin disorders or ailments can be cured completely. Useful asana are Mandookasana, Bhujangasana, Vajrasana after the meal, Yognidra, Anulom-Vilom, Kapalbhati, walking daily,  etc.


Some fruits like Banana, vegetables like cauliflower, lady finger, Arvi, etc. and pulses like Urad Dal, Rajma should be avoided. Basic principle is that avoid not easy to digest, less fiber diet and adopt easy to digest diet like fruits, vegetables, whole grains flours, pulses, more fibrous items etc.


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