Depression | Symptoms of Depression


Depression is one of the most common and serious diseases among emotional people i.e. adults, school going children, non working individuals, etc. 

Symptoms of Depression:

Depression is a psychological disorders caused by the complication of Modern life. In depression, person feels sadness, loss of interest and illness consistently without being ill. According to medical diagnosis, Doctor says that there is no disease then another doctor will be consulted.  Due to negative thoughts the resistance power gets depleted. Person feels insecurity and disappointment. The patient does not like to talk with anyone. He would like to stay alone. Person feels lethargic and not interested to do any types of work. Some times, he is completely lost.

Causes of Depression:

A lot of causes of depression but some important causes are – taking junk food for longer period, suppressing defecation and urine, gastric trouble, inefficiency of adrenal glands, untimely taking meals, lack of nutrients, unbalanced food which contains too much empty calories, continuous feeling of failure and medication for longer period due any types of diseases.

Naturopathy Treatment for Depression:

Depending upon the condition, treatment should be recommended. Initially, person should go on approximately 2 to 3 days fast by using the lemon water, coconut water, honey water, vegetables juice i.e. spinach, cucumber, carrot, cabbage, white Petha, fenugreek leaves, mustard leaves etc.  After that raw fruits and vegetables should be eaten. Sprouted cereals should also used in morning breakfast and can also used along with meals which provides roughage in sufficient amount to the digestion system. Dry fruits like raisin, almond, walnut, figs, etc. should be used after 12 hours of soak time which improves the digestion system. Vegetables juice like spinach, fenugreek leaves, cabbage, cucumber, carrot, beat root, tomato, etc. and fruits like guava, grapes, papaya, orange, water chest,  etc. is also very helpful to cure depression ailments. After 15 days, Person should take Chapatti which made of whole grain wheat and Ragi flour with vegetables, pulses and properly chewed a long with the salad and sprouted pulse and grains. Almost up to 6 months, consume 50% diet in the form of raw or uncooked. 

Naturopathy Detoxification at least for 15 days – Used therapy is foot bath, hip bath, mudpack on stomach and head, enema, hot & cold Fomentation on stomach, steam bath, massage therapy and Shirodhara. Before going to take treatment consult with the Naturopathy Doctor. He may be change detoxification time and therapy being used, based upon the patient conditions. For Natural treatment, Yuvaan Naturopathy and Ayurved Center is the best place for depression and other mind related treatment and as well as other chronic & lifestyle diseases.

By practicing yogasana, special exercises, detoxification, massage therapy and proper nutritional diet, this types of disorders or ailments can be got rid of completely. Useful asana are ChakrsShavasana, Bhujangasana, Shalabhasan, Halasana, sarvangasana, Yognidra, Tribandh, etc. and morning walk should be daily. Useful Paranayama are Anulom vilom, kapal bhati, bhastrika, bhrahmari and use gyan mudra while doing meditation.

Give up negative thinking and adopt positive, creative thinking. Reads the positive and creative books.

Note: In Naturopathy & Ayurvedic Treatment System, Yuvaan Naturopathy & Ayurvedic Center is one of the most trusted place to treat mind related Ailments i.e. Depression, Memory loss, Dementias, Mental disorder, Alzheimer’s disease, Bipolar disorders, etc. and other chronic & lifestyle diseases, deficiency disorders etc. Therapeutic Diet plays a major role to treat such types of ailments. All types of Ailments are being cured from the roots without any side effects


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