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Now a day, constipation is very common ailments and it is happened due to weak digestion system. Initially in constipation, timely defecation is not happened. Later on it converts into a problem in which stool is not passing for few days or sometimes stool is hardened and less quantity of stool pass in the form of pieces. After passing stool, feeling of lightness is not experienced. So feeling like urge to go pass stool many times.

Yuvaan Nature Foundation (i.e. Yuvaan Naturopathy & Ayurved Center) provides the knowledge about the natural treatment (i.e. also called nature care treatment) based upon the detoxification and nutritional diet therapy to the people so that people can take health benefits in their life by adopting the natural treatment system i.e. Naturopathy & Ayurvedic System. 

Symptoms of Constipation

Some of the most common symptoms are:

  • Stool is hardened and dry stool, problem in defecation.
  • The Tongue is white and dirty, bad breath, foul smell comes out from the mouth.
  • No bowel movement for several days or passing less quantity many times in a day.
  • Abdominal bloating, cramps or pain, foul gas, bad breath, nausea and pimples on jaw line.
  • Decrease appetite, headache, laziness (i.e. not passing stool timely), irritation in passing stool, ulcer in mouth, acidity, gouts, high blood pressure and person feels lethargic.


Causes of constipation:

Wrong way of life style and eating habits, eating late night or in odd hours, use of more oily stuff, Maida and refined products, lack of dietary fiber, too much medication and stress, laziness in passing stool, lack of physical exercise can cause constipation.

Not eating proper fruits, vegetables and whole grain cereals. Other so many reasons which lead to constipation and constipation is mother of all other diseases. Constipation for longer duration converts into chronic diseases and responsible for many other diseases also.

Recommended Naturopathy Treatment for Constipation:

Constipation is usually treated with changes in diet and exercise. Person should take Chapatti which made of whole grain wheat flour with Sabji, Dal and properly chewed. Raw fruits and vegetables should be eaten before the cooked meal like chapatti, vegetables and pulses. Sprouted cereals should also used in morning breakfast and can also used along with meals which provides roughage in sufficient amount to the digestion system. Dry fruits like raisin, almond, walnut, figs etc. should used after 12hours soak time which improves the digestion system. Vegetables juice like guava, grapes, papaya, orange, spinach, fenugreek seed, cabbage, cucumber, carrot, beat root, tomato etc. is also very helpful to cure constipation.

Naturopathy Detoxification at least for 10 days – Used therapy is hip bath, mudpack, enema, hot & cold Fomentation, steam bath, massage therapy one abdomen, etc. Before going to take treatment consult with the Naturopathy & Ayurvedic Doctor. He may be change detoxification time and therapy based upon the patient conditions. Best place for natural treatment in constipation is Yuvaan Naturopathy & Ayurved Center.


Some fruits like Banana, vegetables like cauliflower, lady finger, Arvi, etc. and pulses like Urad Dal, Rajma should be avoided. Basic principle is that avoid not easy to digest, less fiber diet and adopt easy to digest diet like fruits, vegetables, whole grains flours, pulses, more fibrous items etc.

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