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Colon Therapy | Enema in Naturopathy:

Cleansing your colon does not sound pleasant, but doctors claim that it is very beneficial in digestion and weight loss and can provide many other health benefits. However, like most lifestyle practices, it must be carefully cleaned with adequate knowledge of the potential hazards.

Colon cleansing, also known as colonic hydrotherapy, involves injecting fluids such as water to remove dirt and then flushing the colon. In Naturopathy, this is a practice that has been followed by the people since long back. This is very beneficial for the patient. As you know, 80% of the disease is caused by the gathering of faeces in the colon.

The process of transporting water in the rectum is called an Enema. This process is used to clean the rectum. While giving enema the nozzle should be greased with oil and put in the anus. The enema pot can be kept at a height of three feet from the person’s seat and let the water in it flow into the rectum. If the patient feels pain during the process then the height of the enema pot can be reduced. The flow of water should be stopped for a few minutes. This will stop the pain. Generally, 200ml to 250ml water is poured into the rectum.  For 10 to 15 minutes water can be kept inside, while keeping it inside one should walk to and fro and then gradually let it go in the toilet along with stored stool. This is the simple and safest way of cleaning the intestines naturally.

Types of Enema or Colon Therapy in Naturopathy:

  1. Freshwater enema: It is used to clean the colon. It is a simple form to clean the colon.
  2. Lukewarm water enema: It is used to clean the faeces from the colon.
  3. Urine Colon Therapy/Enema: Urine is used in Enema with the Luke warm water (50-50% approx.) to clean the faeces from the colon/gut that is the main reason for several diseases. After cleaning the gut, it should be stopped. Generally, it should be taken 1/2 times weekly.
  4. Honey enema: It is used to stop inflammation and bacterial growth in the colon.
  5. Neem (Margosa) enema: It is used to cure any type of infection and itching in the colon.
  6. Buttermilk enema: It is used to prevent dehydration and provide essential macronutrients.
  7. Lemon enema: It is used to balance the PH levels of the colon and may also help to reduce the pain in the colitis.
  8. Wheatgrass juice enema: It is used to detoxify the body and provide the nutrients and oxygen.
  9. Coffee Enema: It is used to provide relief from constipation, increase energy, and boost immunity.

Health Benefits of Enema in Naturopathy:

  1. Hot water enema is useful in removing stored faeces from the rectum.
  2. Enema encourages whole-body detoxification.
  3. Improves digestion and cures constipation.
  4. Supports to improve overall colon health.
  5. Very helpful to reduce weight surrounding the abdomen.
  6. Boosts nutritional absorption power of intestines.
  7. Improves liver function and reduces inflammation in the lower back.
  8. Enema is very helpful to reduce so many ailments i.e. skin problems, allergies, fungal infections, and joint pains, etc.


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