Ashwagandha | Health Benefits of Ashwagandha Root/Powder


It has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years. Basically, Ashwagandha is a plant, and the root of the plant is more beneficial for health. It is considered safe and beneficial herbs for human beings. It is traditionally used to reduce the Vata Dosa. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal as well as anti-bacterial properties. It is known as an adaptogen, which means it can help you to manage stress. Which acts like a Sanjeevani herb for many diseases and it is also called Indian Ginseng. It has a lot of health benefits that improve brain function, boost immunity, increases energy level and concentration, and reduces inflammation, anxiety, and stress, etc.

Health Benefits of Ashwagandha Root/Powder:

  1. Boosts body’s function: Ashwagandha has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is effective to ease stress and prevents free radicals damage. It provides help to boost up the body’s immune system and increase the recovery rate. It also helps to increase the oxygen level in the body. So, it is very effective in boosts body function.
  2. Fights from infection and reduce inflammation: Ashwagandha helps in reducing infection and inflammation by improving the immune cells. It increases body recovery rates and also has a healing effect.
  3. Calms the nervous system: It is very effective to calms the nervous system. It is also effectively treating insomnia.
  4. Ease stress and anxiety: Ashwagandha has adaptogenic properties. It helps to reduce stress hormones i.e. cortisol in the human body. Due to this, it helps to ease stress and anxiety effectively.
  5. Supports vitality: It provides vital energy and improves performance at the workplace.
  6. Revitalizing the body: Ashwagandha is effective in revitalizing the human body.
  7. Increases fertility and boosts testosterone in males: It has the capability to increase the testosterone hormones which is effectively increasing fertility and also helps to provide more sex power in males. It also improves sperm quality which provides help to women to conceive a pregnancy.
  8. Improves brain functionality: Ashwagandha increases mental alertness and brain functionality. Because it has anti-oxidant property. It protects the nerve cells from free radicals damages and improves memory. According to Ayurveda, regular use of Ashwagandha in small quantity can improve memory power and brain function.
  9. Reduces symptoms of depression: Regular use of Ashwagandha can effectively reduce the symptoms of depression.
  10. Helps to reduce blood sugar: Ashwagandha is very effective to reduce the blood glucose level. It improves the secretion of insulin and also increases the sensitivity of insulin.
  11. Helps in weight loss: It is very effective in weight management because of its properties. It effectively controls the factors of weight gain that’s why it is effective in weight loss. It is easing the stress, calms the nervous system, reduces the blood glucose level, controls the hypothyroidism, and improves body functionality.
  12. Helps to manage hypothyroidism: Ashwagandha helps to reduce the thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH). It also helps to increase the low level of thyroid hormone (T3 and T4). It is very effective for those people who have an initial stage of hypothyroidism.
  13. Anti Aging Effect: Ashwagandha increases the production of melanin in hair cells which is useful to stop graying hair. It improves sleep quality and relaxes the body. It is also effective to reduce symptoms and progression of many health problems that are related to the anti-aging effect. When somebody remains healthy for a long time, it is an indicator of anti-aging.
  14. Other Benefits: According to preliminary research, Ashwagandha is very effective to prevent the following ailments i.e. Parkinson’s disease, Cancer, Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis, PCOD, Tuberculosis, Ulcerations, etc. It is also effective in Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder in children (ADHD).

How to take Ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha is offered within the market in the sort of roots, pills, capsule, and powder. While Ashwagandha pills and capsule are consumed simply like several different pills/capsule. Ashwagandha powder and roots can also add to your daily diet along with some other products like milk and tea. Basically, Ashwagandha should take in the form of powder. You can mix it in honey or ghee. Ashwagandha powder is also taken with the milk at night which provides more positive and better results.


Excessive intake of Ashwagandha or prolonged intake can also cause harm. It is hot, so consuming it in high amounts can cause stomach gas, vomiting, or diarrhea. Consuming it for a long time can lead to auto-immune diseases. Pregnant and lactating mothers should not consume Ashwagandha.


In Nature Cure System, Ashwagandha is an Associate in Nursing Indian herbal plant that has been a section of Ayurvedic drugs for hundreds of years. The root of the plant is employed in drugs within the sort of powder, and it is also marketed within the sort of capsules and tablets as well. Ashwagandha offers several health benefits to both men and women, though there is no extensive clinical study conducted to provide evidence. Ayurvedic medicine has been successfully using Ashwagandha for several diseases without any major complications. As there is no hard evidence on its benefits or even the side effects, it is recommended that Ashwagandha be consumed in small to medium doses after consulting with your healthcare provider. Yuvaan Naturopathy and Ayurved Center in Indirapuram Ghaziabad is the best place to know more about it’s uses and benefits.

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