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Triphala is made of three kinds of fruits in the herbal medicine that are Harad, Baheda, and Amla. In Sanskrit, these are called Haritaki, Vibhitaki, and Amalaki. These three fruits have a significant role in the Ayurvedic tradition of healing in the world. Triphala is made by mixing together one part Harad (Haritaki), two parts Baheda (Vibhitaki), and four parts of Amla (Amalaki). It is ordinary foodstuff and medicine too. It has all tastes i.e. bitter, sour, sour and bitter, pungent, sweet, and salty, in it.

Triphala cures ailments and boost up life force, leads to increase appetite, clears bowels, and helps in getting deep sleep. It is very efficacious if taken with water every day in the morning.

Since ancient times, Naturopathy has made use of the healing abilities of various plants and herbs. When these plants and herbs are combined with the detoxification therapy in naturopathy then they become potent healing agents to cure various types of diseases. Triphala plays a vital role to cure and prevent deficiency disorders and lifestyle diseases. It is suitable for consumption at any age i.e. child, adults, and elderly person.  Its main components are

Main components of Triphala:

Amla (Emblimyrobalan):

Amla from the Sanskrit word Amalaki is a tree of the family Phyllanthaceae. It has edible fruit. Its flowers are greenish-yellow and fruit color is light greenish-yellow in a spherical shape with six vertical stripes. The taste of Amla is bitter, sour, and astringent. In Buddhism, this plant is also known for achieving enlightenment.

An Amla is the richest source of water-soluble Vitamin C, therefore it helps us to boost our immunity, metabolism and prevents infective agents and microorganism infections, together with cold and cough. Along with nutritional value, it also has wide phytonutrients range those are very helpful to prevent and cure cancer and many other lifestyles and chronic diseases.


It is used in Ayurvedic tradition to cure and prevent common ailments like bacterial and viral infections. Bibhitaki contains Ellagic acid, Gallic acid, Lignans, and flavones, besides other plant compounds. This bibhitaki herb has many properties that are useful in a variety of ailments. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. It has a major role to control diabetes, insulin sensitivity, and manage body weight.


Haritaki is a small, green fruit of the Terminalia chebula tree that is used as herbs in Ayurveda. It is one of the important components of Triphala. It is used in Ayurvedic tradition to cure and prevent common ailments like heart diseases, asthma, ulcers, and stomach upset. Haritaki is also known as the king of herbs in Ayurveda. It also has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Health Benefits of Triphala Powder:

Potent Anti Oxidant: Triphala contains vitamin C, flavonoids, polyphenols, and other potent plant compounds. It helps to reduce oxidative and free radical damage in our bodies. It is very helpful to cure and prevent many diseases related to the oxidation process i.e. pollution, stress, and work pressure. Triphala can enhance the production of white blood cells (WBC) which protects our body and also enhance WBC function.  It also helps in producing more antibodies to fight against infections, viruses, and bacteria.

Anti Inflammatory: It is very effective in inflammation problems such as arthritis pain and swelling. It also helps to improve athlete performance and reduce their muscle pain and swelling.

Boost Energy and Anti Diabetes: It cures ailments and boosts up life force. It also works as an anti-cancer due to the powerful antioxidants in it and also helps to recover in chronic diseases like diabetes, joint pain, liver disorder, etc. It improves insulin secretion from the pancreas which is used to regularize blood glucose.  It also helps to reduce cholesterol in the blood.

Boost Digestive System: It increases appetite, clear bowels, and helps in getting deep sleep and supporting colon health. It also improves gastrointestinal disorders.  It is very helpful to loosen your stool and improve bowel movements.  It increases good bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract which are helpful to improve the digestive system.

Improve Vital Energy and Immunity:  It cures the weakness of males and all diseases connected with the menstrual cycle among females such as leucorrhoea etc. It also helps to protect from infections and viruses due to its antioxidant properties.

Detoxifying the Body: It is a very good detoxifying agent. It helps to detoxify the whole body through the tongue to the colon. It is also called a blood purifier. Triphala is a very for digestive system that’s why soothing hyperacidity and detoxifying the body functions.

Enthusing Agent:  Anybody uses Triphala for a year then it overcomes laziness and may help to provide freedom from all diseases.

Good for Oral Hygiene:  Triphala is very effective for oral hygiene in several ways that are – It contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that may prevent plaque formation which is a common cause of cavities. It also reduces the growth of bacteria in the mouth and reduces gum’s swelling.

Vision Health: It is very good for eyesight and old regain youthfulness. It has ocular enhancing properties, which helps you enhance vision and also protects the eye from cataract or glaucoma.

Increase Beauty and Hair quality: It increases beauty, development of intelligence, and strengthens the body. Triphala also helps to cure acne and eczema and improve skin quality. Triphala is a good remedy to the blackening of hair.

Reduced Weight:  Triphala may help you to reduce weight around the abdomen and hip areas because it improves digestion power. Regular use of Triphala can prevent many diseases related to weight management such as high blood pressure, diabetes, joint pain and bad cholesterol, etc.

If anybody uses Triphala for a longer period of 12 years then it will be very beneficial in above all the problems.

S. No. Duration Benefits
1 Using for a year Overcome laziness
2 Using for two years Freedom from all diseases
3 Using for three years Improvement in eyesight
4 Using for four years Increase beauty
5 Using for five years Development of intelligence
6 Using for six years Strengthens the body
7 Using for seven years Blackening hair
8 Using for eight years Old regain youthfulness
9 Using for nine years Special power for eyes


Pregnant lady and lactating mother should not take Triphala in a high dose.  Sometimes, it’s high dose may be the reason for diarrhea, loose motion, and abdominal discomfort. Triphala should take 500mg to 1000mg per day. Although it’s high dose is recommended in heavy constipation. Basically it should take an empty stomach or after the meal. For better results, it should take with lukewarm water.

How to use Triphala Powder

Take half teaspoon Triphala powder and mix in 250 ml water and leave overnight and drink in the morning which is very effective in weight management.

Take half a teaspoon Triphala powder and take with 250 ml lukewarm water before sleep which is very effective in constipation


According to Ayurveda and recent scientific evidence, Triphala is a great herb and has a lot of healing properties. If you are looking for a powerful health supplement in herbs segments that can boost your body function and make you feel enthusiastic and energetic, then Triphala is the perfect choice for your holistic healing.


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