Kidney Ailments | Symptoms of Kidney Ailments

Kidney Ailments:

Kidneys in the body are extremely important organs which regulate the minerals and vitamins in the blood and take away the waste or extra items from the blood to produce urine.

Some of the common kidney problems are given as under.

  1. Nephritis – kidneys get inflamed which increases blood urea, serum creatinine and blood pressure.
  2. Nephroisis – Inefficiency of renal tubules or they get damaged. This causes swelling in the body and albumin increases in the blood.
  3. Pynophritis – In this, there is a pus formation and swelling in the kidneys.(i.e. kidney Infection)
  4. Chronic renal failure – The destroy the capacity to work. With high blood pressure level of blood urea, serum creatinine, sodium and potassium level increases to dangerous proportions. In medical science to filter the blood temporarily, dialysis is done.
  5. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) – CKD slowly damages the kidneys over time
  6. Acute kidney injury (AKI)
  7. Kidney stones.
  8. Kidney cysts.
  9. Kidney cancer

Symptoms of kidney diseases:

Inflammation on feet, face and near the eyes, fever with cold, pain in lower back, pain or difficulty in urination, giddiness, restlessness, fatigue, albumin in urine, urea increases in blood, color of urine becomes dark.

Causes of Kidney Ailments/Diseases:

Increase of toxins in the body due to overeating and junk food habits. Too much use of salt, sugar, spices, liquor and other provoking food stuffs. Some cause may be constipation and other suppressed diseases, too much medication, deficiency of vitamins and minerals in food are some other causes of kidney diseases.

Naturopathy Treatment for Kidney Diseases:

Depending upon the patient condition, treatment should be recommended. Initially, person should go on approximately 5 to 7 days fast by using the juices such as carrot, bottle gourd, cabbage, cucumber, etc. Raw potato and water melon juice is very effective. After that, person should use the lemon, orange, papaya, banana etc. for few weeks. Person should also consume black raisin after 12 hours of soak in water. Till the fully recovery, patient should not use salt.

After four week, raw fruits such as lemon, orange, papaya, banana, grapes, guava, etc. and raw salads such as carrot, cabbage, bottle gourd, cucumber, tomato, Amla, etc. dry fruits such as raisin, almond, walnut, fig, etc. and sprouted cereals and pulses should be used in morning breakfast only. Patient should consume salads before meals and meal should contain low protein and high roughage. Vegetable should be consumed easy to digest such as gourd family.

Naturopathy Detoxification in Kidney Ailments at least for 10 days

Used therapy is hot hip bath, hot foot bath, mudpack on abdomen and lower back, Luke warm water enema, hot & cold Fomentation on abdomen and lower back, abdomen compress, steam bath, sun bath, dry body massage, etc. Before going to take treatment consult with Naturopathy Doctor. He may be change detoxification time and therapy being used based upon the patient conditions. For Natural treatment, Yuvaan Naturopathy and Ayurved Center is the best place for Kidney Ailments such as kidney Cyst, kidney infection, kidney stones, kidney inflammation, etc. and as well as other chronic & lifestyle diseases also.

By practicing Yogasana, special exercises, detoxification and proper nutritional diet, this types of disorders or ailments can be got rid of completely. Useful asana are Mandookasana, Bhujangasana, Shalabhasan, Shavasana,  Yogmudra, etc. Useful Paranayama are Anulom vilom, kapal bhati, meditation, etc. 

Note: In Naturopathy & Ayurvedic Treatment System, Yuvaan Naturopathy & Ayurvedic Center is one of the most trusted place to treat Kidney Ailments i.e. Chronic Kidney Diseases (i.e. CKD), Cyst in Kidney, Kidney’s Stone, Chronic renal failure, Kidney Cancer, Kidney Infection, etc. and lifestyle diseases, deficiency disorders etc. Ailments are being cured from the roots without any side effects. 


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