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Amla from the Sanskrit word Amalaki is a tree of the family Phyllanthaceae. It has edible fruit. Its flowers are greenish-yellow and fruit color is light greenish-yellow in a spherical shape with six vertical stripes. The taste of Amla is bitter, sour, and astringent. In Buddhism, this plant is also known for achieving enlightenment.

An Amla is the richest source of water soluble Vitamin C, therefore it helps us to boost our immunity, metabolism and prevents infective agent and microorganism infections, together with cold and cough. Along with nutritional value, it also has wide phytonutrients range those are very helpful to prevent and cure cancer and many other lifestyles and chronic diseases.

The Amla fruit is used to prepare various dishes i.e. pickle, murabba, juice, powder, etc. According to Ayurveda, Amla is also used as a medicine for different types of ailments. Amla fruit contains lots of nutrients i.e. essential vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.

Features and Health Benefits of Amla:

  1. Has Fruits and Medicine Property: Amla has the characteristics of both fruit and medicine. In Ayurveda, Amla is described as a destroyer of Tridosha; it destroys gas, acid, and cough. Amla is alkaline by nature so it is helpful to maintain our body alkaline and acidic ratio i.e. 80 : 20.
  2. Boost Immunity: Amla has a lot of vitamin C and its characteristic is that it’s Vitamin C does not spoil when drying and heating. It improves blood circulation and reduces blood cholesterol. It is also good for the respiratory system and helps to cure many diseases asthma, bronchitis, etc.
  3. Rejuvenating Property: It gives youthfulness to young and rejuvenates old ones.
  4. Detoxifier: Amla has disease resistance power; it purifies blood, removes toxins from the body, and has all the ingredients that give strength to our body which are not found in any other fruit and medicine. It helps to improve and clear the digestion system.
  5. Good for Oral Health: Amla makes teeth and gums strong. It is also cured pyorrhea, gum bleeding, ulcer, and helps to reduce bad odor in the mouth.
  6. Work as a Tonic: If someone’s liver is weak and has jaundice, then taking Amla mixed with water and honey makes it a tonic. Amla juice is used with the blackberry (Indian Jamun) and karela juice; it is very good for diabetes patients also.
  7. Anti-Oxidant Property: Amla has antioxidant property that’s why it prevents body organs from oxidative damage. It works at cell fluid levels and cures and prevents so many diseases related to inflammation and infection. Due to vitamin C, it helps in iron and calcium absorption. It also contains iron, calcium, and other phytonutrients, etc.
  8. Help in Reduce Weight: Take two spoons Amla juice and the same quantity of honey and mix in the lukewarm water and drink in morning at an empty stomach. That is very effective in weight reduction and cures all problems related to the stomach such as gastric, ulcer, constipation, etc.
  9. Blackening Hair: Amla oil is good for blackening hair and hair growth. It also reduces hair fall.
  10. Reduced Pigmentation: Amla juice is very effective to reduce pigmentation and blemishes. It provides a rejuvenating effect on the screen. Skin starts glowing and improves the quality of the skin. It protects the skin from the sun ultraviolet rays due to antioxidant properties. It helps to hydrate the skin and open the pores of the skin which is helpful to breathe the skin. If anybody uses Amla juice on the face with the help of cotton then fine lines are reduced and skin glow increases.
  11. Good for Vision health: Daily consumption of Amla is good for eyes and improves eyesight. It also helps to prevent vision-related to problems i.e. cataract, intraocular tension, itching, watering, and redness, etc.
  12. Other benefits: Amla is very beneficial in curing many diseases such as nervous system, restlessness in heart, palpitation, obesity, blood pressure, ringworm, leucorrhoea, weakness of the uterus, impotency, skin disease, stomach ulcer, urinary problems, etc. Amla is very effective in arthritis pain and in joint swelling due to antioxidant property. It is a potent fruit for healthy living.

How to use Amla in Natural Treatment System (i.e. Naturopathy):

Amla should be taken empty stomach in the morning, 20 – 25 ml of Amla juice mix with the same amount of honey in a glass of water, use after fresh for best result. Otherwise, Amla can be used in any form i.e. Amla powder, dried Amla, murabba, pickle, chatani, etc. It can be taken with meals also.

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