Frozen Shoulder | Stiff Shoulder

Frozen shoulder | Stiff Shoulder:

Frozen shoulder, medically known as adhesive capsulitis, is a debilitating condition characterized by stiffness, pain, and restricted range of motion in the shoulder joint. As a musculoskeletal chiropractor, I’ve witnessed firsthand the impact frozen shoulder can have on patients’ daily lives. Let’s delve into this condition, exploring its origins, symptoms, and the role chiropractic care plays in its management.

Understanding Frozen Shoulder: Frozen shoulder typically develops gradually, with symptoms worsening over time. While the exact cause remains elusive, factors such as injury, inflammation, and immobility can contribute to its onset. Individuals between 40 and 60 years old, especially women, are at higher risk.

Symptoms and Diagnosis: The hallmark symptoms of frozen shoulder include persistent shoulder pain, stiffness, and difficulty performing daily tasks like reaching or lifting. Diagnosis often involves a comprehensive physical examination, medical history review, and imaging tests to rule out other conditions.

Chiropractic Approach to Treatment: Chiropractic care offers a holistic approach to addressing frozen shoulder, focusing on restoring proper alignment, mobility, and function to the affected joint. Through gentle adjustments, mobilization techniques, and targeted exercises, chiropractors aim to reduce pain, inflammation, and muscle tension surrounding the shoulder.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care: Chiropractic adjustments help realign the shoulder joint and surrounding structures, relieving pressure and promoting optimal healing. Additionally, chiropractors emphasize the importance of maintaining spinal health, as misalignments in the spine can contribute to shoulder dysfunction.

Patient-Centered Care: Each patient’s journey with frozen shoulder is unique, requiring personalized treatment plans tailored to their specific needs and goals. Chiropractors work closely with patients to develop comprehensive strategies that address not only the symptoms but also the underlying causes of frozen shoulder.

Empowering Recovery: By empowering patients with education, support, and proactive strategies, chiropractors play a vital role in facilitating recovery from frozen shoulder. Through a combination of hands-on therapies, rehabilitative exercises, and lifestyle modifications, individuals can regain mobility, alleviate pain, and reclaim their quality of life.


Frozen shoulder is a challenging condition that can significantly impact daily functioning and quality of life. However, with the expertise and compassionate care provided by musculoskeletal chiropractors, individuals can find relief and embark on a path towards renewed shoulder health and vitality. If you’re experiencing symptoms of frozen shoulder, don’t hesitate to seek guidance from a qualified chiropractic professional at Yuvaan Naturopathy & Ayurved Center in Ghaziabad who can help you overcome this obstacle and regain freedom of movement.


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