Mud Therapy | Health Benefits of Mud Therapy

Mud Therapy:

Mud digests all the excrement, waste, and dirt of the globe however remains pure itself. Excrement buried underground assimilate and become one with mud after a couple of days. Multani mud is extremely helpful for bath tubing and a head bath.

Healing qualities of mud:

  1. It has the power to extract poison. It removes toxins from the body and helps in detoxification.
  2. It scratches the oldest of faeces stored in the body and dilutes them.
  3. It acts as a pain killer and deodorant.
  4. Mud is 100% natural and safe for use.
  5. Mud improves blood circulation. It is also effective for swelling, pain, boils, and perforations in the skin.
  6. It removes burning sensations, bleeding, and tension.
  7. Strengthens the immune system.
  8. It provides the body with a magnetic force that gives vigour and strength.
  9. Helps in the treatment of various diseases such as Digestive Problems, reproductive problems, respiratory problems, eye problems, joint, muscle and skin inflammations, etc.
  10. Mud aids in weight loss.
  11. Removes dead skin cells and reveals a softer and glowing skin.
  12. Helps in the reduction of spots and patches on the skin.
  13. Opens clogged skin pores.
  14. Tones skin and keep it hydrated.
  15. Restores the skin pH balance.
  16. Stimulates collagen production in the skin.
  17. Minimizes the appearance of open pores, wrinkles, and age spots.
  18. Soothing effect on eye muscles.
  19. It takes out extra heat from the body and gives the required coolness to the body.

Selection of Mud:

The mud could be of any type but should have been taken from a neat and clean place exposed to sun rays, extracted from three feet (approx. ) below the ground. It should be dried in daylight then sieved before use.

The mud from termite hill is extremely effective while for bathing and for head bath Multani mud is useful.

Various used of mud in Naturopathy:

  1. Sleeping in mud – it’s extraordinarily effective for sleep disorder, nervous weakness, and blood disease.
  2. Mud Massage – By massaging and applying mud on the body, harmful air, and toxic elements may be removed.
  3. Mud bath – Instead of soap if mud is applied, it helps in removing all diseases.
  4. Walking barefoot on mud – This helps in natural action excretory organ ill, improving vision, and increasing magnetic power.
  5. Mud pack – It is very important in naturopathy and is used against many diseases. For all ailments of the abdomen, it is very important. It is pasted on the lower abdomen, chest, forehead, eyes, head, spine, throat, feet, anus, and where required.

How to create a Mud pack:

Mud should be ground, sieved, and so soaked in clean water twelve hours before use. At the time of use, unfold half an inch layer of this wet paste of mud on thin cotton or any fabric and place it on the spot wherever needed, then cover it with a woollen fabric. It should be kept for 25 to 30 minutes or else the poisonous substance extracted by mud can move into the body again.

Mud therapy for various diseases (i.e. Health Benefits of Mud Therapy):

  1. Constipation – Mud pack is helpful in all types of constipation.
  2. Piles – The portion of the anus where moles are swollen up mud pack as thick as a cushion can be stuck. It gives relief in acute pain.
  3. Loose Motions – Mud has diverse properties. It cures constipation and also loose motions. While suffering from loose motions, a mud pack is to be put on the abdomen.
  4. Indian cholera – mud pack is to be placed on the chest and abdomen.
  5. Stomach ache – Mud pack on the abdomen.
  6. Vomiting blood from the lungs – Cold mud pack on the chest.
  7. Fever – Mud pack on the abdomen and forehead.
  8. Eczema – Applying mud clears eczema.
  9. Pimples – Mud pack on the face cure pimples.
  10. Ailments of the eye – Tie mud pack on the eyes.

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